Street Cry Goodbyes

A celebration in music and sound of the disappearing cries of street vendors past and present, and how these musical calls and sung street adverts influenced baroque composers and artists and was the spark for the beginning of opera. While we cannot hear those early sounds today, there are many surviving paintings, woodcarvings and interpretations of […]

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I Was Morrissey’s Drummer

Visit the BBC Radio 4 Extra programme page: The story of British drummer, Andrew Paresi‘s encounter with the greatest rock poet of our generation, Morrissey. Andrew a session musician who drummed for Buck’s Fizz, Peter Gabriel,  Sandie Shaw, Led Zepplin and Classix Nouveau took over from The Smiths drummer Mike Joyce after the group split up […]

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A Cymbal Tale – The story of a 175 year old cymbal

  A CYMBAL TALE Writer, comedian and rock drummer Andrew McGibbon, aka Andrew Paresi, tells the story of a 175-year-old cymbal and explores the history of the instrument. He traces the earliest cymbals from ancient Assyria and China, their development by Avedis Zildjian in Turkish military bands, to their arrival in Europe in the 1670s and […]

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