Reality Is An Illusion Caused By Lack Of NF Simpson – The film

This film documentary about the surrealist comic playwright NF Simpson, premiered at the BFI in May 2008. It was made to promote the UK radio …

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The Pickerskill Reports – Behind the scenes with Sheridan Smith and Ian McDiarmid

Watch the behind the scenes film of the making of The Pickerskill Reports, starring Ina McDiarmid and Sheridan Smith

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Rick Wakeman

Wheeler’s Fortune

Wheeler’s Fortune, Episode 1 – Creighton Calling

Wednesday 16 May 2007 23:15-23:30 (Radio 4 FM)

Comedy written and performed by Andrew McGibbon, telling the remarkable story …

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I Think I've Got A Problem, BBC Radio 4Xtra, Tuesday 19th February 2013, 23:00

I think I’ve got a Problem starring Suggs, Bill Nighy and Bob Monkhouse

Tom Caine, a composer of hotel lobby and piped music, suddenly finds he starts to blurt out what he really feels about the dreadful …

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