In Stitches – BBC R4, 11:30 Thursday 15 November 2018

As part of the Pursuit of Beauty strand on BBC Radio 4, dress historian Amber Butchart meets embroidery artists at the forefront of liberating embroidery from its past, helping it …

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Drawing On Water BBC R4 11:30 28th June 2018

“If you weren’t there, it wasn’t art!” Five artists who’ve interacted with the idea of impermanent art explain why it is an unmissable metaphor for our times. The programme explores …

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American Art: From The Outside In – BBC R4 11:30 3rd May 2018

Art collector and broadcaster Alvin Hall examines how the dynamic work of African-American self-taught artists is gaining recognition from American institutions today – and how much more needs to be …

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A Call To Art:Graffiti 11:30am, Radio 4, Tuesday 21st November 2017

This second programme in the series, A Call to Art explores Latin America’s visceral and complex street art. Graffiti artists use their access to public space to pose questions and …

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A Call To Art:Memorial 11:30am, Radio 4, Tuesday 14th November 2017 (Picture Credit “So That All Shall Know”©1998 Daniel Hernández-Salazar)


This first of three programmes examining protest art in Latin America. The first programme explores the role of memorial art and the process of memorialisation in two countries that …

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“I Was…” Series 4 TX September 2015, BBC R4

Listen to the series on the BBC Radio 4 programme page:

George Orwell’s Pupil

Chet Baker’s Last Manager

Tina Turner’s White Dancer…

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“I Was…” Series 7, Begins July 2nd 2018 BBC R4

Season 7 of the series that examines a great artist from the perspective of one notable associate who was indispensable to them at a critical stage in their career. begins …

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Kington’s Anatomy of Comedy

Miles Kington analyses the mechanics of comedy in this classic three part series first broadcast on the BBC in 2005

Listen to the first programme here


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Reality is an illusion caused by lack of NF Simpson

David Quantick presents a distinctive appraisal of playwright NF ‘Wally’ Simpson, author of One Way Pendulum and A Resounding Tinkle.

The programme examines NF Simpson’s impact on the turbulent theatre …

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