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Jane Bussmann on charities: she moved to Africa to be a good person and ended up hating the professionally good.

I loved charities until I moved to Africa. In fact I wanted to work for a charity, any charity that would have me.

By charities, I don’t mean Mrs. Miggins …

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David Quantick asks is oo err missing because it’s just going too fnar, fnar?

When I was a lad, all comedy was double entendre. All of it. Every single aspect of British culture had been fed through a Carry On filter, Donald McGillised and …

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Andrew McGibbon wonders what it’s like being looked down on by half the world’s population.

In the absence of a war economy, the great military corporations of the latter half of the 20th century, turned their plants, returning manpower and considerable resources to selling a …

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David Quantick on why the lack of sketch, shows.

“What are we going to do now?” chanted the cast of Spike Milligan’s Q series. They were prophets. People finally stopped banging on about the death of the sitcom a …

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