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Curtains For Radio is an independent production company specialising in the production of comedy, drama, factual films and audio for the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV.


“I Was…” Series 5 begins January 2017, BBC R4

A brand new season of the series that examines a great artist, politician or innovator from the perspective of one notable associate who was indispensable to them at a critical stage in their career.…

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The Last Report starring Elaine Cassidy


Starring Elaine Cassidy, Mark Heap, Ian McDiarmid, Thomas Brodie Sangster, Tony Gardner and Michael Feast

Haunchurst College is threatened with takeover by a notorious cult, “The Constancy”. Dr Henry Pickerskill, the retired English master recalls how …

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THE FINAL REPORT Vers 4 300713


With Nobbs On – Begins 11:30 Friday August 9th 2013 BBC Radio 4

With Nobbs On

A three part memoir from the creator of Reginald Perrin, David Nobbs

David Nobbs is the comic genius behind Reggie Perrin, The Two Ronnies, Tommy Cooper, Frankie Howerd and Radio 4′s The Maltby Collection. In With

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The Pickerskill Reports starring Sheridan Smith and Ian McDiarmid, BBC Radio 4 Extra

The Pickerskill Reports on BBC Radio 4Extra 

Starring Ian McDiarmid and Sheridan Smith

Written and Directed by Andrew McGibbon


In the late 40s, Richard and Gregory, soon to head off to university, become …

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Jane Bussmann on charities: she moved to Africa to be a good person and ended up hating the professionally good.

I loved charities until I moved to Africa. In fact I wanted to work for a charity, any charity that would have me.

By charities, I don’t mean Mrs. Miggins and her mobile library van. Although there should be some

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David Quantick asks is oo err missing because it’s just going too fnar, fnar?

When I was a lad, all comedy was double entendre. All of it. Every single aspect of British culture had been fed through a Carry On filter, Donald McGillised and nudge nudged with a wink wink. If you didn’t have …

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Andrew McGibbon wonders what it’s like being looked down on by half the world’s population.

In the absence of a war economy, the great military corporations of the latter half of the 20th century, turned their plants, returning manpower and considerable resources to selling a peacetime economy. “We desperately need!” was replaced with “You desperately …

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