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Curtains For Radio is an independent production company specialising in the production of comedy, drama, factual films and audio for the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV.

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A Waste Of Space – Wednesday 13th April 2016, BBC Radio 4

View the programme here.

Harriet Sergeant investigates whether empty commercial buildings could house the homeless.

In October …

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“I Was…” Series 5 begins January 2017, BBC R4

A brand new season of the series that examines a great artist from the perspective of one notable associate who was indispensable to them at …

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The Last Report: Elaine Cassidy Tony Gardner Ian McDiarmid and Thomas Brodie Sangster


Starring Elaine Cassidy,  and Michael Feast

Haunchurst College is threatened with takeover by a notorious cult, “The Constancy”. Dr Henry Pickerskill, the …

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THE FINAL REPORT Vers 4 300713

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The Pickerskill Reports starring Sheridan Smith and Ian McDiarmid, BBC Radio 4 Extra

The Pickerskill Reports on BBC Radio 4Extra 

Starring Ian McDiarmid and Sheridan Smith

Written and Directed by Andrew McGibbon

Visit the BBC Radio 4 …

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Rory Bremner’s International Satirists

Rory Bremner presents an edgy three part comedy arts series engaging topical comics, satirists and comedians from different countries about their cultures and how …

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Jane Bussmann on charities: she moved to Africa to be a good person and ended up hating the professionally good.

I loved charities until I moved to Africa. In fact I wanted to work for a charity, any charity that would have me.

By charities, …

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David Quantick asks is oo err missing because it’s just going too fnar, fnar?

When I was a lad, all comedy was double entendre. All of it. Every single aspect of British culture had been fed through a …

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Andrew McGibbon wonders what it’s like being looked down on by half the world’s population.

In the absence of a war economy, the great military corporations of the latter half of the 20th century, turned their plants, returning manpower …

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